At Healey Law LLC, we take pride in protecting consumers from unscrupulous individuals and businesses that seek to deceive and otherwise manipulate innocent consumers. Our work has shown that some companies will violate the law in order to extract hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting consumers who otherwise believe they are being given a fair shake. The reality is often far from that rosy-hued picture. In this article, you will learn about the most important laws that exist in order to protect the rights of consumers like you. You will likely find that at least one consumer protection law mentioned here will have direct relevance to your life. Let’s take a look now.


Telephone Consumer Protection Act a.k.a. TCPA


The TCPA is one of the most often-used consumer laws in recent memory. This law’s purpose is to ensure our right to privacy. With this law, consumers can decide how, when, and by what means telemarketers and debt collectors can contact them. Have you ever been disturbed while eating at the dinner table by a rude telemarketer? Or worse, from some automated call? This law’s goal is to prevent that from happening. Federal judges continue to enforce this law. If you are constantly bombarded by telemarketers, then you may be able to collect some damages. You can contact the Healey Law Firm at the number at the end of this article if you wish to further discuss.


Fair Credit Reporting Act a.k.a. FCRA


This law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, was created to ensure that consumers are not going to be harmed by reckless practices of credit reporting agencies. The law restricts the ability of credit reporting agencies to supply credit information to businesses. In our history at Healey Law, unscrupulous credit agencies have violated this law frequently with the result being that these mistakes and violations have cost consumers thousands of dollars. Contact us if you believe this applies to you.


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a.k.a. FDCPA


Have you been abused by debt collectors who won’t stop calling and bothering you, day and night? You are far from alone in this regard. Debt collectors are notorious for their continued abuse of the law and of consumers in their attempts to collect on debts, including deception and other unfair and unlawful practices. This law was created in order to eliminate such abusive debt collection practices by protecting consumers and punishing debt collection agencies that break the law. If you’ve suffered from unfair debt collection, then contact us now.


Missouri Merchandising Practices Act a.k.a. MMPA


This law, which is specific to the state of Missouri in which Healey Law operates, exists to protect consumers from deception, false pretense, misrepresentation, fraud, or any other unfair practice related to transactions in the marketplace. If you have been deceived by a company within the state of Missouri in the process of doing business with them, then you have cause to respond and potentially earn a settlement in court.


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