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We are dedicated to those who are suffering from accident injuries and to consumers contending with mistreatment by debt collectors, banks, mortgage companies, and credit reporting companies.

Why Healey Law Firm?

While not every case ends up in court, it is difficult to resolve legal problems when you are not sure what your legal rights are. At Healey Law LLC, we have extensive experience representing clients in state and federal courts.

Our Practice Areas

Experienced Personal Injury and Consumer Protection Law Practice in St. Louis, Missouri & Southwest Illinois

Inaccurate Credit Reporting

We bring claims for consumers who have false or inaccurate information in their credit files under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Mortgages & Foreclosure

If a mortgage servicer fails to recognize your legal rights and in the process, abuses you and your family, we’ll go after them and make them pay.

Identity Theft

If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, then credit bureaus, banks, and other creditors have specific obligations under the law to help you recover.

Small Business Bankruptcy

The Small Business Reorganization Act includes a Subchapter V provision, which creates a faster and less expensive Chapter 11 reorganization for Small Businesses.

Personal Injury

We have over 30 years of experience with personal injury cases, including auto accidents, wrongful deaths, and defective products.

Workers’ Compensation

However your injury happened or who was at fault, employers must pay for treatment, compensate for lost time, and provide disability benefits.

Healey Law Firm: Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Accessible

Struggling through a legal problem is hard. It can be frustrating not knowing the status of your case once you have started working with a lawyer. Our attorney is not only skilled in the courtroom but believes every client should be treated with dignity and respect and we prove that by keeping our clients updated on their cases and by responding quickly to their inquiries.

We are accessible for questions, and we keep our clients up-to-date on all developments in their case and every step of the process. Whether by texting, email, cell phone, or landline, we know you have a preferred method of hearing from us. And we use that to stay in touch with you. We will be straightforward about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will advise you throughout the process until your case is resolved.

You Can Afford Highly Qualified Representation

We vigorously and aggressively represent clients from all walks of life. Many of our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge an attorney fee from you unless we collect on your behalf. Our fees are based on a percentage of any recovery we make for you.

Whether you are suffering a motor vehicle accident injury, have credit reporting problems or are a victim of unfair debt collection practices, we will help you get the best possible outcome. Call Healey Law LLC today at 314-401-3261 for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your issue. You may also contact our firm by completing our convenient online form.

Rules of Court require us to advise that clients may be responsible for costs/expenses. In most cases, however, these are deducted from any recovery at the conclusion of the matter.

Responsive To Your Questions

We believe achieving the optimal outcome is built on a strong attorney-client relationship.

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Compassion and Quality Legal Services

If you reside in St. Louis, Missouri, or southwest Illinois and want to discuss your legal rights for consumer protection or personal injury claims, reach out to schedule a free consultation.

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